"This groundbreaking is another historic day for soccer in America."
Audi Field Groundbreaking

Audi Field Quote Sheet

“Today is a milestone for this franchise, for our fans, and for the community."

Jason Levien, D.C. United Managing Partner

On the significance of Audi Field’s groundbreaking ceremony

“Today couldn’t come soon enough for us and a chance to look back on all the work that’s been put into this franchise and this opportunity to have a home for D.C. United, and it’s also a day to look forward because we have amazing things ahead.”

On Audi Field uniting the community

“I would say that there’s no better time in our nation’s capital to build a house for soccer and to have all of our fans and everyone in this community unite. We’re building [Audi Field] for our love for soccer and for this community.”

Mayor Muriel Bowser

On the importance of giving D.C. United their own home in D.C.

“I wanted to make sure D.C. United were here to stay, and that they were going to continue to invest in Washington, D.C., and the best fans in the world. World-class cities have world-class sports teams and facilities.”

On Audi Field’s economic impact on Southwest D.C.

“Not only is this stadium part of our quest to be the best sports capital in the region, it represents a contribution of what will be over $1 billion of investment. It will create jobs—1,000 construction and permanent jobs—and it will allow us to continue to be the jurisdiction that has the healthiest economy in the region.”

Don Garber, MLS Commissioner

On the national significance of Audi Field’s groundbreaking

“This groundbreaking is another historic day for soccer in America when it comes to driving the growth of a soccer nation throughout the United States and Canada.”

On the impact Audi Field will have on the D.C. community

“This will create jobs, create opportunity, hope and development. What is now sand and dirt in a year and a half’s time will be a state-of-the-art, world-class facility that’s going to give [Washington] international exposure beyond that which it already has. It’s going to be a great cathedral for our sport. Congratulations.”

Scott Keogh, Audi of America President

On the partnership between Audi of America and D.C. United

“Audi has been a long-time supporter of soccer, and it is only right that we bring this passion home to our community in D.C. with Audi Field. We can’t wait to win a title and have this great stadium open.”

Ben Olsen, D.C. United Head Coach

On what Audi Field’s groundbreaking means to Coach Olsen

“I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with this club as a player and coach for nearly two decades, so as you can imagine, it’s a very special day for me, as it is for many of you. To me, today is also about all the players who have worn the jersey throughout the years, and the staff that have worked tirelessly to build this club.”

On the fans’ deservance of Audi Field

“The fans deserve this stadium more than anyone. It will be one of the great joys of my life to watch the fans make Audi Field one of the best atmospheres in the country.”

Bill Hamid, D.C. United goalkeeper

On what it took to make Audi Field a reality

“This is a monumental day for D.C. United and D.C. sports. It’s heartwarming to see so many good people work around the clock tirelessly, on and off the field, to make this dream a reality for so many people.”

On D.C. United fans and D.C. youth enjoying Audi Field

“I can’t wait to experience the Screaming Eagles, La Barra Brava, the District Ultras, and all D.C. United soccer fans bring the best atmosphere in MLS to our new home, Audi Field. I hope Audi Field can give generations of young boys and girls the motivation RFK gave me to go after my dreams.”

Council Chairman Phil Mendelson

On Audi Field’s economic impact on D.C.

“This stadium project has been a long time coming. It’s good for soccer and it’s good for D.C. United, but it’s also going to be great for the city. This is a transformative project, and it’s significant in the transformation of the economic development of Washington, D.C.”

On the ongoing partnership between D.C. United and the city

“The city and D.C. United are partners. While we’re helping D.C. United, they’re also in turn, through their success, helping the city. This is a plus-plus for everybody.”

Councilman Charles Allen

On Buzzard Point, the home of Audi Field

“Buzzard Point is a great neighborhood. It’s so full of potential, and today marks a huge catalyst to what we’re going to see happen in this part of the District and this part of Southwest.”

On how Audi Field will help grow Buzzard Point

“This stadium is going to be something that brings job to our community, brings amenities to our community, and helps Buzzard Point grow up and reconnect the rest of our city to the river. This stadium holds a ton of potential for Buzzard Point.”

Brian Kenner, Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development

On Audi Field’s impact on housing, tax revenue, and jobs in D.C.

“This project represents affordable housing, tax revenue, and job opportunity in Washington, D.C. It is going to be a catalyst for thousands of units for affordable housing. The ancillary development that is going to come to the area is going to create hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue for the District of Columbia. Finally, this opportunity will not only provide construction jobs and permanent jobs, but commitments have been made to ensure 51% of all workers will come from the District of Columbia.